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"I had the same experience from when I was 5 years old to obtain a speech therapist.  I outline the experience in 2021, I would love to help make this process simpler for our stuttering community."
"Help us grow and prosper as a community.  Be well and confidently communicate your dreams!"

Douglas Shearer


You determine you want to go back to speech therapy (Day 1)


Call EAP (Employee Assistance Program) for guidance on getting a therapist and understanding coverage within the EAP. (Day 2)


Get authorization for a therapist to be covered


Research people in the EAP that could be therapist. (Day 3)


Call for one of the counselors to provide a covered session (Day 4)


Determined more therapy was needed with a board-Certified specialist in Fluency.


Thoroughly researched who I wanted to have as a therapist and find one that was board certified for adults. (Day 6)


Found a therapist I wanted to work with after some conversations (Day 7)


Facility and insurance required I obtain a prescription for speech therapy from a Provider.


Scheduled an appointment to establish a Primary Care Physician that would provide the prescription due to not having a Primary Care doctor at the time needing services. (Day 67 - appointment was almost 2 months later due to availability)


I was established as a patient with my Speech Therapist in their facility.  Initial setup will require you to be processed in their office as a new patient. (Time frame depends on facility and insurer to be able to provide the correct authorizations and setup)


Scheduled an appointment for the initial speech evaluation. (Day 75) 


Speech Evaluation and plan was determined for goals in my speech therapy over the next 6 months.


Scheduled my first speech therapy appointment based on therapist and individual’s calendar.

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